San Jose Govt: Every Collective Must Grow All Medicine at Just One Site!

Once again, San Jose city staff has come up with an impossible plan of medical cannabis regulation.
1) Every collective must grow all its medicine on-site, or at one off-site location in San Jose.
2)  Only 135 parcels in the entire city meet the zoning criteria: 55 in Commercial General, 3 in Combined Industrial/Commercial, and 77 in Light Industrial. That’s it: just 3 zones. IP is not permitted. Nor is HI or CP or CN.
That will close Elemental, Palliative, Harborside, Purple Lotus and South Bay Healing Center–all sponsors of the Sensible San Jose initiative. And it will close almost all other collectives too and create a mad scramble for the few qualified properties, many of which are gigantic–over 20,000 square feet.
And it means no sun-grown outdoor medicine, and little to no variety in each collective because they have to produce everything they carry at just one site.
Those impossible recommendations  are included in the attached planning staff memo for the 4/23/14  Planning Commission meeting. It includes the Title 20 Zoning Code proposed ordinance–and it refers to the Title 6 regulatory ordinance, which exists of course in draft form written by Angelique Gaeta, but that has not been publicly released.
The Sensible San Jose initiative will leave cultivation to state law, and will regulate, register, and control the storefront collectives. It will allow about half or more of the existing collectives to remain open. It is vastly better than the City’s impossible plan. And it can win an election by the voters of San Jose (unlike the other earlier initiative that lets all stay open).
Sensible San Jose is the sensible alternative to the City’s impossible plans.
Do what’s practical and workable: sign the Sensible San Jose petition, and control and regulate medical cannabis–sensibly.

Title 20 Med Marij Ordinance-Pl Staff


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