Another Victory in Vallejo! (The Battle, not the War…)

Last Tuesday, March 24, Vallejo’s valiant medical cannabis patients and activists, turning out by the hundreds, pushed the City’s ban on dispensaries back by 8 weeks.

The turnout was awesome: hours before the meeting, 2 rallies were held and both marched on City Hall, uniting there for speeches and testimonials. and a show of People Power rarely displayed in the sleepy little city. Dozens gave testimony in a 2-hour public hearing. See pictures and videos at my Instagram @MCDLawyer

When it came to deliberation, the Council had so many changes to the City Attorney’s draft ordinance that she became confused as the night wore on, and said that she would have to come back at a later meeting with all the revisions. The Council set the return date for May 12. On that date, rather than just have an automatic approval as they would have at their next meeting if they had just approved her first draft this time, the Council will have to have another public hearing–AND WE CAN ALL SPEAK AGAIN!

The Mayor looked very very unhappy with this outcome. He thought he had the votes to just run us over and proceed with his plan to close all the tax paying dispensaries in Vallejo–and replace them with his hand-picked cronies.

Time is Victory. A Battle Won is more time to gain strength, build our community alliances, and refine our strategies and tactics to win the longer war. Our cause is Just: Vallejo must continue to provide safe access for patients without interruption, and it must finally give permits to the dispensaries that have paid their heavy taxes for years. Taxation without recognition is Tyranny.

It is time for Vallejo’s Mayor to stop his insane plan to waste millions of dollars fighting law-abiding, tax-paying medical cannabis dispensaries. Or we will stop it for him.

Time is


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